Thursday, June 17, 2010

A walk around Contis with Emilie

Checking the map at the starting point.

Several people told me about a book called Les sentiers d'Emilie dans les Landes. It is a collection of 25 easy walks adapted for children. Last week I tried one with the children, after having done it first with my husband. I chose one of the closer ones, walking along the Contis stream, getting out to the sea and the beach, and then walking back through the pine forest. In the book it was marked as 1,5h walk, but I think we did it in less time, good to know that the time estimates are realistic!

Love this place. The contrasts between the calm water of the stream, the immensity of the sea and the calm and flavors of the pine forest......

The fence that delimits the walking path - nature here is very fragile and thus protected 

Approaching the sea....

.. details of the plants.....

... these beautiful flowers were abundant

Fighting to stay alive in the salty winds

The sea!

The Contis stream seen from the sea

The calm of the forest

Our guide

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  1. I read your posts every morning at work, to keep in touch with what is happening in France as far as travel. Because of your blog, I have visited your area more and more and have falen in love with Aquitaine.


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