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Cap Ferret, wild and beautiful

If you move on a line westward from Bordeaux until you reach the Atlantic, you have pretty much reached Cap Ferret. It forms the end of an arm that creates a beautiful and oyster rich bay called Bassin d'Arcachon. This arm is very narrow, so only a few meters separate the beaches on the inside of the arm, protected from the sea, and the wild beaches on the Atlantic side.

Pyla sand mountain seen from Cap Ferret

Cap Ferret has become something of a trendy place for French stars and other VIPs, but it has so far managed to keep much of the initial wildness that makes it such a special place.

Cap Ferret light house
Photo Wikipedia

If you feel like exercising, try walking up the 258 steps in the lighthouse and enjoy a spectacular view over the bay at the height of 52 meters.

Map of Cap Ferret

On the map you see the different fishing villages. You don't really see them if you stay in the car and follow the road. The best option to get a good look is to take a trip by boat.

Canon, one of Cap Ferret's fishing villages
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Typical house in Cap Ferret
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Once, after a very hot day, we went there with some friends and found a small restaurant close to the water. The air was warm, the children playing and we thoroughly enjoyed a meal with oysters and other seafood. We lingered for a long time over half empty wine glasses as the sun went down.

Panoramic view of the Grand Piquey beach in Cap Ferret
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  1. We are thinking of going there next summer, thanks for this post!

  2. hello... we are planning a working vacation there the first week of april... would like your input for places where locals would go... thanks, Erin

  3. hi Erin! I live more than an hour south of Cap Ferret so I'm not really one of the locals... we usually stop at Arcachon which is very nice too! The one time we had dinner in Cap Ferret we just picked one the restaurants close to the water that looked busy.... and I still remember that evening, sitting outdoors in the lukewarm evening air, the children playing alongside the tables, the atmosphere and the fabulous food... but I don't remember the name of the restaurant!!! I would check with the tourist office, they are supposed to speak English. Ask for a place with local food, authentic and they will surely advise you. I know there are small huts where they propose fresh oyster with white wine.... that is awesome too, usually very simple on plastic chairs or an old wooden table, but fresher oysters are hard to find!
    (Depending on the size of your group, your options will be different too).


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