Saturday, March 27, 2010

Duck for Dinner

Living life easy. Go to your village butcher. Pick up some duck ribs. Prepare them with salt - Brazilian way. Cook until rosy inside. Enjoy, immensely.

Anything with duck can't go wrong.


  1. "Anything with duck can't go wrong."

    Quote of the decade!!! :-)

  2. David, I guess that means you agree... because I know I am right!!!!

  3. OK I am gonna be honest with you. I had bought only 4 côtes de canard for the two of us. Unfortunately the children wanted to taste some and then some more. When we finished, we were gnawing the bones for that last extra little meat... true story. And my husband told me to never again buy two côtes de canard for the two of us. Truth is, I love it. Truth is, this was the first barbecue of the season. Heaven. And on top of that, a Madiran from Château Vielle. If I die now, at least I die happy.

  4. Maintenant va falloir faire chauffer la plancha!!!! Vive le printemps....


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