Saturday, March 20, 2010

My seven year old discovers surfing

Clara surfing at Erretegia beach in Bidart

Clara was lucky enough to start her surfing career last summer with Christophe Reinhardt, a surf legend. He took her on a surf trip on top of his shoulders - pretty impressive, isn't it! He then explained to the children how to use the tandem board with him, an excellent way to right away give them a feeling for what surfing is about. Then they got their own surf boards and started trying to surf on their own. I was in the water with my own problems, but I have been told that Clara surprised everybody by standing up on the board for a really long while...

Clara on Christophe Reinhardt's shoulders

The next time we went to the same place, the Erretegia beach in Bidart, but with Johanna, my Swedish surf instructor friend. Clara continued training and improving. I enjoyed this incredibly beautiful beach with Bjorn.

Arriving at the Erretegia beach

Surf practice on the sand first

Out in the waves next to Johanna

Clara on her own

The third time was with her ten year old twin friends Julie and Pauline. Look at how small Clara looks compared to the waves... This time we were close to home, at a beach called Lette Blanche which is situated between Moliets and Saint Girons in Landes.

Lette Blanche beach in Landes

Clara and her friends facing the waves

At the time of these photos, Clara was 7,5 years old. There are surf schools at practically every beach, if you are interested in surfing for you or your children, check with the tourist office. They usually accept children from six years, if they can swim. The beginner boards are made of mousse, soft and light.

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  1. On va s'y mettre Eva. Là je crois qu'il nous faudra un moniteur très patient car on va beaucoup parler et faire peu de progrés!!!


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