Sunday, March 21, 2010

A happy day at Ganaderia de Buros

After my day with Jean at Ganaderia de Buros I had like a small glowing ball inside that kept radiating warmth and happiness for hours. Strange... I'm not exactly a cowgirl you know, not a go back to nature and eat raw roots person at all... And still, every time I meet people from the Southwest countryside, with occupations that include a lot of fresh air, animals and a hell a lot of work... I feel happy. These people glow of something that has become pretty scarce in the cities: harmony and contentedness. They work a lot, sometimes really a lot, but they don't stress.

My happiness that day had a lot to do with Jean himself. He is the owner of Ganaderia de Buros and a very charismatic person. The nice weather was just the extra bonus!

He told me about the excitement in chasing pigeons with nets, using the techniques of an old, old tradition. He also told me about his wild cows, the cows he breed to participate in course landaise, another old tradition in the region of Landes. Follow me into his world, where pigeon hunting by net is part of everyday life and breeding wild cows a passion.

Pigeon hunting with nets, colombière
Breeding of wild cows for course landaise.

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