Thursday, March 11, 2010

My weekend in Bordeaux - Place de la Bourse and the quays

My absolute favourite part of Bordeaux is along the quays. We spent several hours there during our weekend. The beautiful 17th century fronts, the water mirror, the renovated hangars, the gardens... but also the people and the atmosphere. Everybody walking or on rollers or a bike. Picnics in the grass, Sunday dressed children mixed with chic French women in heels and sunglasses, families and old ladies. Lots of terraces along the way. When it's sunny, it is hard to beat. Bordeaux lives along the river Garonne. 

Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux
Place de la Bourse

The water mirror in front of Place de Bourse in Bordeaux
A group of dancers on the Water Mirror in front of Place de la Bourse

The statue Les trois grâces in front of Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux
The statue Les trois grâces in front of Place de la Bourse. My husband and our friends.

The gardens by the quays in Bordeaux
The gardens along the quays.

Shrimps on the Marché des quais in Bordeaux
Shrimps from the Sunday morning market along the quays, Marché des quais

Local singer by the quays in Bordeaux
Local sing star

Picnic along the quays in Bordeaux
Picnics on the grass

Cruise ship in Bordeaux
You know that Bordeaux is a commercial harbour I guess. But cruising ships come in here too.

Café at Quai des Marques in Bordeaux
Cafés and restaurants in front of the renovated hangars - more about them when I talk about shopping!

View from the hangars on the quays in Bordeaux
View from the hangars back to the centre.


  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading your post... Very good one about our beautiful city of Bordeaux! Your pictures are also very nice.
    I have forwarded your post to different fanpages I manage on Facebook, as my objective is to promote Bordeaux as a cruise destination, as a tourism destination in general! If you want to join the "Cruise Bordeaux Fanpage, just follow the link!
    And thanks again for this article enhancing Bordeaux! Catherine

  2. Hi Cathérine! Merci! Thank you! I hope you saw all of the posts on Bordeaux - check the label Bordeaux - and there are more coming! About CAPC, about the Dry Docks, about going there with kids, about the nightlife and all the concerts.. such a wonderful city!


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