Monday, April 12, 2010

Biarritz rugby team wins important game

Happy Biarritz rugby team supporters
Basque supporters who came from Paris to support their team

I have already told you that rugby is important in the Southwest of France. Now I finally have some good pictures to show you, because I finally made it to my first rugby game! Biarritz against Ospreys in the quarter final of the European Cup in San Sebastian.  Important match. Many supporters. Big sun on a big blue sky. The kind of day when you don't even have to like rugby to enjoy the match!

Biarritz supporters show red and white papers, the team colours
Hm, what were the coulours for the Biarritz team again?

This is not the best way to actually see the match. You see it better on your TV at home. But here you get 100 percent of the festive mood, the drums that roll, the tension in the audience and the outcry when a brave runner manages to pass the defence.... here you will understand that rugby is something different than football on a cultural level. You don't come here to fight and cause trouble. You come here to celebrate! And when the game is over, the supporters from the different teams have no problem in drinking together in the same bars.

By the way, Biarritz won by one tiny point, 29 to 28....

Giant Biarritz rugby team flag

Rugby action 1

Rugby action 2

Rugby action 3

Rugby action 4

Rugby action 5

Biarritz team flags after the won

The rugby stadium in San Sebastian

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