Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bonaguil, impressive medieval military architecture

Bonaguil Castle

The Bonaguil Fortress from the 13th century is a perfect example of medieval defense systems. Most of the defense techniques were put in place during the 15th century by Bérenger de Roquefeuil. The constructions lasted for forty years. The funny thing is that it afterwards it was never attacked... a new era was starting and the Bonaguil Fortress became obsolete.

I went there with the children on our way to Penne d'Agenais last year in May. When I told them we were going to see a castle, they started moaning. No, not another castle! I just kept on driving on a beautiful road along a valley, turning and turning, waiting for the castle to appear.

Suddenly it did appear, as you see on the photo. Massive, impressive, beautiful.

The children went silent. Is that the castle we are going to? Wow!!!
No more complaining...

Walls of the Bonaguil Castle

Stairs at Bonaguil Castle

Aiming point

The path up to the Bonaguil Castle

We didn't do the guided tour, as I thought 1,5H was too long for my little one, but I would reallly like to come back and do that to get a thorough understanding of how the defensive system was supposed to work. Seemed very interesting!

The official web site for the Bonaguil Castle
Interesting article about the history and defense system


  1. This is my favorite castle in the world... Unfortunately for all the other castles in the world, this is also the first one I have ever seen. "Unfortunately" because all of the other medieval castles I visit are never as impressive and awesome as this one.

    And yes, you have to do the guided visit, the guys that do them are awesome.

    I could explain some of the defensive systems but I'm not sure it'd be easy in the comments of a blog. :-)

  2. I haven't seen that many castles, but this one is truly impressive. I'll never forget the first sight of it...

    It is on my list of things to to again when the children are a bit older!!!

  3. Vilken fantastisk plats!
    Hihi! På våra semestrar är det alltid någon som säger: "Åh nej, inte ett slott till!" eller "Nej, inga fler kyrkor idag!" Jag brukar svara att: "Men tänk så mycket intressant ni får se! Hur många av era kompisar vet vad Bayeux-tapeten är för något, t ex???" Tyvärr brukar den här taktiken inte funka så vidare bra...
    Kramar från Lotta

  4. Hej Lotta! Vi åker ju ofta till vinslott... och det är ju kul i början, men nu suckar de mest.... otacksamma snorungar kan man ju tycka, men jag brukar argumentera att vi gör grejer som är bara roliga för dem och bara roliga för vuxna... då brukar de sucka lite mindre hörbart...


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