Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Saturday in Dax

Father and daughter in Dax

Dax is the closest city to my village, so I go there pretty often. I'll get back to you about Dax, because I want to tell you about its thermal water and about the Férias de Dax, the yearly festival. But this time we just went there to have lunch and and a stroll in the old pedestrian centre. New shoes for Bjorn, trousers and perfume for my husband, pink nail polish for me. Sunglasses on, walking slowly...

The square

Simple salad
Simple salad with Spanish ham, cheese and chorizo

The Splendid Hotel, newly renovated
The Splendid Hotel, newly renovated, and its palm trees

Typical street in the old part of Dax
Typical pedestrian street in the old part of Dax
Plane trees still all bare
The plane trees are still all bare, while all the other trees are freshly green

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