Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pool is open!!!

Children by the pool rescuing insects
We are privilegied to have our own pool. Can't tell you how much I appreciate that - not to mention the children that grow fens during summer... I just finished the after-winter-start-pool-again-treatment and the water looked so tempting that I gave it a try. It was kind of refreshing. I didn't stay for long!

Clara followed me for a short dip but her brother made a more sensible decision and stayed by the border rescuing small insects that had fallen in the water.

The oak trees in the background have tiny little leaves now and summer seems to be in reach... this is the best time of the year...

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  1. Nous on attend (im)patiemment que le liner soit posé...Mais on va très bientôt profiter du bain bleu...Bon PLOUF à vous tous!!!


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