Friday, April 16, 2010

Sssch... Messanges is my little secret

End of the day at Messanges beach

Some things are best kept secret. Those special spots... with special memories attached. You promise not to tell anyone?

Messanges is a tiny village and sea resort on the Silver Coast in Landes. There you find a small restaurant up on top of the sand dunes, with the most astounding view over the beach and the ocean.  A view like that is extremely rare here, because most parts of the coast are protected, so there are no buildings close to the water. This place is actually the only one I know of with this kind of view between Mimizan and Vieux Boucau.

Snack bar de la Plage

I go there to walk on the beach, take a coffee and enjoy the view in the morning or to have lunch. Sometimes we take the kids and have dinner there, all soaked in salt and sand. The sunsets are incredible... and last for an eternity as the sun slowly falls down toward the sea horizon.

Path down to the beach

View from the restaurant

 Children playing next to the restaurant

Sunset at Messanges beach

The restaurant is called Bar snack de la Plage and they serve a short menu of fresh really nice salads, a piece of meat or cod. Their sangria is top and the waiters are very friendly. Come just before noon, when they start serving food, if you want to have a seat, because when the weather is nice, it fills up quickly. Another good place in Messanges is La Hitillère, a bar restaurant with fresh food and great music.

The Telegraph elected Messanges one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world... secret is not so secret any more I guess!

Messanges beach and big blue sky
Big blue sky....


  1. Wow... I thought I knew all the beaches of the Landes Coast... But yeah, now that I think about it, I don't know south of Moliets too well...
    But it definitely couldn't make it on my top 10 list for the very reason of this restaurant's presence.

  2. Oh no, David... I was hoping you would prove me wrong and give me another address like this! Because this is truly one of my favourite places...

    Maybe we can exchange secrets anyway? Do you have a special hide out?

  3. I read too fast, so now I see that you didn't like the restaurant thing.
    If you are into a wilder kind of beach, you should try La Lette Blanche, in between Moliets and St Girons. No nothing, just the beach. That is were all the inhabitants from my village go. I will post a photo!

  4. Yes, I'm into the more wild kind of beaches... I know La Lette Blanche only by name. My secret hang out is in between St Girons and Mimizan (ok, it's not a big secret, it's the Cap de l'Homy, right south of Contis)

  5. Ah!!! I know that place! The first time I went there, I was seven months pregnant and I had heard they had a parking very close to the beach. It was incredible the sight from the top of the dune, suddenly it was all there, the sky and the sea... I have some nice photos I think... Do you recommend any of the restaurants around Cap d'Homy?

    And for La Lette Blanche, I already put a photo on the post with Clara surfing! Check under the label Sport.

  6. I haven't been in 5 years (wow, this is actually the longest hiatus in my life). In the Cap de l'Homy itself, there are only two restaurants and they're only open during summertime.
    In Lit-et-Mixe, unfortunately I don't really know the restaurants too well. Sorry.

  7. We're off to Moliets for a week!

  8. Lesley, you are so lucky! The weather report is with you... have a wonderful week! Don`t forget to go to la Cave aux Moules, best place in Moliets to have mussels!!!!!!

  9. Que de belles choses qui donnent envie....On arrive de la méditerranée et le temps était au grand soleil.


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