Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Around Lourdes - Donjon des Aigles

 The Eagle Fortress is really that, the beautiful remains of a real fortress, surrounded by mountains and the home for over 45 different species of birds of prey. We spent two magical hours there. The site is close to Beaucens, a little bit outside Aquitaine in the Hautes Pyrénées.

The setting is beautiful

The prey birds are imposing

Here you see it attack....

... a bait to show us how they hunt

The vultures were mighty and flew so low they touched my head twice!
This intelligent bird used stones to break an egg

And this one knows how to kill snakes by stomping their head
By the end came the smaller birds and the parrots

I loved watching the children; smiling but impressed


 This one talked alot!


  1. Maintenant je sais où tu étais....Trop beau...En regardant la photo du renard j'ai eu un peu peur....

  2. Il est bô mon Fiiils ... Et ma fille, c'est ma princesse, plus belle que le jour, dis-donc!!!!


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