Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Bayonne Festival with the children

One of the four days of the Bayonne Festival is dedicated to the children. Heaps of acitivites! We decided to give it a try this year with our friends and their three children (ages 5, 6, 8, 11 and 11).

I am happy to write this post and emphasize one of the things I love about this festival - everybody can go there. Not only the young and foolish, but the grandma's and grandpa's go there... and the children. Daytime festival is great!

The children loved it and it was fun to show them the Festival atmosphere, but the area dedicated to the children activities was just too crowed and the waiting times for each activity too long.

The weather was a bit grey, but I think the pictures still convey some of the happiness of Bayonne and the red and white festayres!

Here we arrive
To our left I notice a champagne bar. Note: the Bayonne Festival is not only for 20 year olds with no money. The same goes for food, obviously.
Along the quais the tables are already set for lunch. Very shortly the temperature will rise!!
Rue Cordelier, still quite calme since we are early
Our first stop is in this private bar, kept by a pena, an association. Normally only members have access, but we have a special invitation. This pena, Errobi Kanta, is a male singing choir.

These old lockers you'll find in the pena. Members stock their drink tickets here!
We meet some old school friends. We get drinks, tapas and beautiful basque songs. I looked at my children and thought: this will be part of their heritage, alongside with my Swedish songs... and the French ones they learn at school.

We order ham sandwiches for the children. Suddenly the girl gets back to us: You realize that the ham is Bayonne ham? Of course!!! What else?

Then we join the other ten thousand families in a parc area. Many brought their pic nic, good idea for next year
Clara enjoys her drive after more than one hour of waiting in line...
Just to show one example of the creative activities... a giant live baby foot game!
A basque flag
Almost 18H, the streets are getting crowded
One of the many bandas that animate the streets
Business is good for Basque brand 64
During a short stop for a beer, a capoeira demonstration (Brazilian acrobatic dance)
Last stop before we head home, churros and crêpes for the children!
But it's not over yet! We also plan to attend the children's day at Ferias de Dax on the 13th of August!

You can also read my article about Bayonne last year The Mighty Bayonne Festival

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