Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things we ate in July

July was time off. No photos, hardly no blog. But we kept eating. First all kinds of meat. Duck and Boeuf de Chalosse have a special place in our hearts, but we also do red wine marinated porc ribs occasionnally...

This goat cheese salad, prepared by my husband like most of the nice stuff in our house, was so good that it made a couple who usually doesn't eat goat cheese say it was good... ruccola salad, balsamic vinegar, fresh goat cheese and a little sprinkle of honey on top of the cheese...
Another cheese moment was shared with three different goat cheese, pepper; mexican and what was the third? Good anyhow!

Basque cake and raspberry sorbet.... hmm!
Or what about this raspberry, white chocolate and chocolate cake creation?
Alternate fresh raspberries and slices of readymade chocolate cake (Savane I believe) and melted white chocolate mixed with cream... But next time I'll replace the white chocolate by whipped cream, less sweet!

And guess what? I'm on a diet.

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  1. Je reviens...J'ai pas tout goûté...Et les framboises c'est trop beaux....mais j'y ai pas eu droit...


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