Thursday, August 5, 2010

JF goes surfing

Last year his two twin girls went surfing two days with Clara. Apparently the girls had loved it and even made their father want to try. So here we are, at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Basque coast, with a huge sun and small waves around one metre... perfect for a beginner!

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but JF asked the instructor if the waves were not too big. Excuse me if I am laughing, he is a Mediterrenean guy!

For  three reasons I am profoundly jealous of him.
1. He looks a lot better with his wetsuit half down than I do.
2. He managed at once to do the jump to upstanding from lying flat on his stomach. I never did.
3. The instructor, my friend Johanna, at once identified his potential and gave him instructions about how to turn the board left or right. I never got those.

And finally; yes, there is a fourth, he did not only manage to stand up, but to turn and stay up for a while. I stood up. Once. For three seconds; max.

Lucky for him that he is a Very Good Friend.

So here we are at this beautiful spot

If you can do like this, you are placed ok, says Swedish Johanna

Don't forget to look cool. You are a surfer.

JF has been listening.

So I lie down like this...

... and then I just jump up to standing like this?
(I could've killed him there and then)

Where is my wave?

Last words with Christophe

Here comes the wave. I just have to keep going and ...

... oops!What happened?

This is hard!

Meanwhile the girls had gone to work.

Clara looked like this.

One of the twins like this....

... and the other like this! Impressive, girls!

One more foot and you are there!

JF studied his daughter to get it right.

Christophe kept explaining...

... and here he is, a real surfer!

Yeah baby, I was born a surfer...

Afterwards Clara was playing in the sand. By the way; the beach tolerates nudism.

Then it was time to go home...

Bye, bye Erretegia beach. Bye, bye Johanna and Christophe at the Bidart Quiksilver Surf School. Thank you! We had the most amazing day! (as always with you guys!)

When we returned the boards we met up with my husband and JF's wife. They had taken care of the little ones and prepared the best picnic I ever had in my whole life! (I could have eaten the wooden table, so hungry was I!). Thanks to them too!


  1. Quelques émotions en lisant ce post....De belles photos....Merci ++++ pour votre accueil.

  2. Tout le plaisir était pour nous!

  3. "if the waves were not too big"

    LOL... Remind me of some Florida people telling me that waves were big that one day when they reached about 1.5m.
    I laughed really hard. They didn't understand why.


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