Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Parador Castle in Fuentarrabie

The excuse was to celebrate the 40ieth birthday of my sister's husband - as if we needed an excuse to spend a night in this incredible place. The Parador in Fuentarrabie used to be the castle for Carlos V and has since been renovated by the Spanish government. Its two metre thick walls are very impressive even though you can't say it looks pretty from the outside and the view over the Bidassoa Bay is no less than astounding...

We spent the evening in a traditional Spanish bar hopping way.

The busy square in front of the Parador

View from the Parador over the Bidassoa Bay and Hendaye on the French side

The same view but more to the right. You see the mountains and the castle terrace...

View from our room

See how high these walls are?

Life in the Marina part of Fuentarrabie

My sister

Duck liver and caramelized goat cheese from one of the best bars in Fuentarrabie. This one and the next both have won prizes in the Spanish national tapas competition...

Poached egg in a broth and noodles - yummier than it looks!


  1. Je te sens plus disponible depuis quelques jours...Ton activité reprend plein pot...

  2. Ça fait plaisir de voir Ylva!

    Grosses bises à toute la famille!



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