Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toropiscine in Léon

Cows and bulls are a huge subject in the Southwest of France, with corridas in different formats, course landaise and of course the hugely popular games with cows and a pool.... they are called toropiscine; toroball or intervilles and they all draw both families and mad young men who want to face the rapid and angry cows in a - relatively - securised environment. (No, I would never do it).

My children loved it!

With their two feet in a plastic bag they have to cross the arena three times...

And sometimes the cow comes very close...

When there are too many volunteers, you have to pick up one of the balls in the water to participate

And these girls did not hesitate to dive in to participate in ...

... donkey competition!

Another game was a team task. Your partner lifts you up when the cow attacks...

The hidden girls hold the rings and the guys try to tease the cow into passing through the ring....

Not something to meet in a dark street!


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